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It sounds a bit farfetched, but your survival backpack could save your life. In a dangerous situation where you're forced to flee your home, neighborhood, or workplace, a backpack full of survival items can literally save your life. Imagine fleeing to save you and your family's lives only to find out that you don't have water, food, and shelter. Not a nice situation. But if you have some essentials, it might be enough to help you survive until help arrives. Learn more about survival tips, go here. 


Here are 6 basic survival backpack tips covering everything from shelter and food through to basic first aid items.




As a matter of fact, water is essential for survival even for a single day. Therefore, water is a top priority. You need to purify the water before you carry it. You can boil it using a portable stove or you can purify it using a mechanical purification system such as pocket water microfilter.


Survival gear


While you can definitely survive with the clothes you're wearing, it will lift your spirits if you wear a clean pair of socks as you clean other pairs. Pack an extra set of all clothing items. You will greatly appreciate this later on. Ideas for clothing include quick dry pants with long sleeve shirt, spare socks, and hooded waterproof coat.




Shelter is an essential human need. It can often be constructed from rubble, trees or natural materials. However, things can be easier for you if you have a simple tent on hand. Ideas for shelter include basic lightweight tent, sleeping pad, and sleeping bag.




Not as vital as water, but the morale-boosting effects of a few snacks can't be overestimated. Choose food that doesn't need plenty of water to prepare. Suggestions include freeze dried foods, energy bars, and ready-to-eat meals or MRE.




Many experts concur that it's extremely important to have the ability to start a fire. With fire, you can boil water, cook, and call for help. Therefore, it's recommended that you have a sparking tool in your backpack. Although multipurpose tools like a flashlight, pocket chain saw, and pliers might not be critically important, they'll certainly help you survive.


First aid kit


Nothing can aid a real survival emergency more than a qualified medic. But since most people don't get around with a medic, it's important to have some first aid kit on hand. Suggestions for a first aid kit include cloth tape, bandage, bandaids, large safety pins, and insect repellent. Take a look at this link for more information.